What readers are saying about Wild Encounter

Wild Encounter“WILD ENCOUNTER is a magnificent piece of work as it entertains and delights while it keeps you on the edge of your seat. [snip] From the first page, the action never stops. Inter-spaced with sizzling romance as Clare and Simon battle their way through misunderstandings and their own insecurities, this is one romantic suspense you don’t want to miss! I can’t wait to read more of Nikki Logan’s works.” Top Pick, 5 stars (The Romance Review) Read the Review

“The pages absolutely fly by in this romantic suspense tale. The author conveys both the romance and the danger of her veterinarian-heroine’s love-affair with her job and the places it takes her to, with deft insider knowledge.”    Read the Review

“This story is full of suspense and sexual tension that not even a machete could cut through it. It held me entranced from the beginning and wouldn’t let go until the last page.” Read the Review Rating 5 stars (BookSniffers Anonymous)

“Raw, edgy and hot, Wild Encounter certainly doesn’t disappoint”  – Rating 4 ¾ stars (Realm of Romance)  Read the Review

“I don’t know how Clare managed to keep from keeling over from a heart attack. Really. I think I had about 3 mini heart attacks for her!” Rating – B  (MangaManiacCafe)  Read the Review

“Dangerous, sexy, and enthralling, Wild Encounter had me hooked from the start and completely engrossed in not only the characters but the rich setting as well.”  Read the Review

“Wild Encounter is definitely a ‘one-sitting’ kind of book. I fell in love with the characters and the setting and loved every moment of it. If you are a fan of romance but need some action along with it this is definitely the perfect book for you.”  Rating 4 stars (KBooks)  Read the Review

‘Wild Encounter has an enthralling solid story line with enough suspense, romance, and surprises that will keep you glued to your seat throughout the whole book.’ Read the Review

“Whoa! This book was so good and so completely different from everything that is out on the market right now.” Rating 5 stars (Goodreads)  Read the Review

“Clare is an intelligent, strong and feisty character. I’m so done with damsel-like characters and appreciate a story all the more when a female character uses whatever resources are in her wheelhouse.”   Rating B-  (The Book Pushers) Read the Review

“Wild Encounter grabs you and drags you in. It is filled with danger and attraction.” Read the Review