CS Lewis and the Supernatural

The latest in my Learn Something New Every Day blog series. CS Lewis and his fascination with the supernatural (from The Great Courses’ “Life and Writings of CS Lewis”) 

  • As a young man, Lewis had a ‘ravenous, erotic lust’ for occultism but, ultimately, found it unsatisfying.
  • He chose to convert from atheism to Christianity because it was the closest mainstream religion to his belief system, but he still held a strong belief in the supernatural which he was able to fit in neatly around the Christianity
  • Lewis suggested that, when viewed thru a Christian lens, the pagan myths were a “key to deeper spiritual understanding”
  • Lewis believed that if we desired something that our natural world couldn’t provide it had to mean that the thing must exist in the supernatural world. Somewhere.
  • He believed that mankind’s constant surprise at the effects of passing time made “as much sense as a fish being constantly surprised that water is wet” and said that made no sense unless the fish was destined, someday, to be a land-dweller.  Thus, he believed, mankind is supposed/destined to be eternal.
  • Lewis believed in agape or supernatural love which transcended natural love.


  1. Interesting. I’d read that CS Lewis was a devout Christian but his books always made me wonder what ‘devout’ actually meant. This gives me a bit more insight. Thank you.

    And I like the idea of agape. I’m just not convinced that mankind is capable of it. I do believe a few have ascended to it, but…well, I’m worried that we (as in humanity) are becoming so self-obsessed that we will never be able to attain such transcendental love.


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