Five things you might not have known about NARNIA

The latest in my Learn Something New Every Day blog series. Hooray! Narnia at last.  Some interesting snippets about CS Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia (from The Great Courses’ “Life and Writings of CS Lewis”)

Five things you might not have known about Narnia

  1. CS Lewis was adamant that he didn’t plan to write a children’s story. Chronicles started as scattered dream images—a fawn carrying an umbrella, a beautiful queen on a sled, a grand lion—and then he looked for the right genre to embed the images. Fairy tale offered that.
  2. Aslan is Persian for ‘lion’
  3. Reepicheep (from Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader) was Lewis favourite character.
  4. Puddleglum was based on Lewis’ gardener
  5. Toward the end of his life, Lewis officially sanctioned the re-ordering of the chronicles so that The Magicians Nephew came first in order to show the creation of Narnia.