Profiling the profiler

The latest in my ‘Learn Something New Every Day’ series – taken from The Great Courses’ Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Science Works (Lecture 27 – Profiling)

Serial predators ‘profile’ their victims in much the same way that behaviourists profile them.

Ted Bundy faked an arm or leg injury and then visibly struggled getting something into his car. When a woman came to his aid, he made assessments as to whether or not she fit  his (internal) victim criteria and if she did, he dragged her into the car and off to her eventual death. If she didn’t, he thanked her and drove off leaving her standing completely unaware of how close she’d come to a horrible death. Well, until they realised who they’d had such a close call with and went to the police with what they knew.

What was Bundy looking for? Weakness? Confidence? Kindness? Strength?

Serial predators profile victims consciously and unconsciously and are generally unaware of how closely linked those criteria are to their own psychopathy and history.

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