Five things you probably didn’t know about CS Lewis (1-5)

I’m taking a break from all the blood and gore of Forensics for a brief sojourn into literature courtesy of The Great Courses “Life and Writings of CS Lewis” which is a fascinating (if mind-bending) philosophical lecture series about the author of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Starting with… the first five things you probably didn’t know about CS Lewis:

  1.  “CS” stands for Clive Staples Lewis, but he demanded to be called Jack.
  2. He was born in 1898 in Belfast
  3. He donated more than half of his writing income to charity
  4. Despite being born in Belfast, he was raised an atheist, but he became a Christian as an adult after examining all religions for the one closest to his own beliefs. Then he became a fierce proponent of the faith.
  5. He was (officially) addicted to tea