Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day at my house is a sparse sort of event. I just don’t buy into the idea that you should do something lovely for each other one day a year. I say do it every day of the year or don’t do it at all. However, that said, I have made a supreme effort this Valentines Day eve to do something nice for my other half and myself.

I made a pie.

Big news, I know. But to put this in context I am *so* not a cook. People ask me what we eat if I don’t cook and I tell them ‘I prepare food, I just don’t *cook*’. As in cook-cook. Master chef kind of cook.

I have a slow cooker which is one of the best inventions ever, and I throw things in that and food comes out the other side, but that’s about the extent of my culinary exploits. I just don’t get that whole cooking for the fun of it thing.

But it’s Valentines eve so I thought I should make an effort. So today I made a Guinness Pie. I walked to the store for the beef *cue amazement* and I threw it and some onions and a can of Guinness ale into the slow cooker and then ignored it for the next 6 hours. And just now I threw the result into little bowls and chucked some pastry over the top and into the oven.

Guiness Pie. Not very romantic to most, but when you’re the anti-cook, it’s quite something. I hope to god that it tastes as good as it smells. I’ll know in about 12 minutes.

Wish me luck!