I’ve started a new book

Starting a new book is always the most exciting. Even more than finishing a book because you’re all fresh and full of ideas when looking at a cursor blinking on a blank page.

Over Easter I got the go-ahead on my latest work, set in London and running from Valentines Day to Valentines Day the following year. It’s a cautionary tale about not settling for ‘near enough’ — not because I think women should hold out for perfect (which of us is perfect, after all?) but because I think being alone is not so very scary that you should take just anyone rather than be in a relationship with yourself.

Fortunately for my new heroine, Mr ‘Near Enough’ takes matters into his own hands and stops her from making a huge mistake. Which is great because Mr Right sneaks up on her while she’s busy NOT looking for him.

This book (working title ‘That Valenines Girl…’) is due 1 June so I have some serious writing to do between now and then, but I’ll keep you appraised as it progresses.