Old cats, old tricks

So my older cat is positively ancient, deeply wracked with dementia and her day revolves around eating, sleeping, pooing, nagging for a cuddle and tottering around on fragile legs between all of the above.

Just now she caught a mouse. Somehow those arthritic, unstable legs and those old, cloudy eyes managed to coordinate long enough for her to catch a little house mouse, let it go and scrabble after it to recaputre it several times. I haven’t seen her move like that or with that much enthusiasm for maybe three years? I truly woried her heart might stop from the exertion (but then I figured that’s exactly how she’d want to go… on the hunt).

Anyway, I snaffled her up, she dropped the mouse and it lurched away, then freaked when it saw me and ran back under her (stupid thing). Second try lucky and it ran off somewhere in the house.

Yes I would prefer it left the house but I couldn’t watch my old cat torment it to death. As is their want. So ‘somewhere in the house’ is close enough to ‘free’ for me just at the moment.

But just a reminder of how amazing nature is. My old girl would be in a feline zimmer frame if such a thing existed and yet somehow she’s found, stalked and caught one of the fastest creatures alive. That’s how strong the predator instinct is.

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