What happens at a writer’s retreat

It may surprise you to know… a whole lot of writing.

Next week I have four days retreat with fellow Harlequin authors Rachel Bailey, Bronwyn Jameson and Claire Baxter in an old heritage cottage overlooking Sydney Harbour. Far from being a retreat fromwriting, this is a retreat to write. Intensively. No family, no work, no phones, no noisy neighbours’ alarm going off every two hours.  Far from home which means we can all focus on our writing. Or plotting. Or brainstorming.

You may recall my last one was to a lighthouse on a far-flung corner of Tasmania. Just us, the lighthouse keeper, and the handful of tourists who made it out that far each day. This one is much more urban but hopefully just as peaceful. It’s raining right now in Sydney – a lot. This means less views but also less tourists and noise. I’m hoping we can just hunker down in our heritage house, listen to the rain hit the roof and the words hit the page.


I’ll be able to blog from there, though (unlike the previous retreat which had no internet connection), but will be all virtuous and try not to be online too often.

So… if you were thinking of running your own writers’ retreat here’s what you need…

1. Writing friends – preferably all of a similar level of ‘grown-up-ness’

2. Somewhere to retreat to. Doesn’t have to be all that flash. Just private.

3. Good food, moderate treats

4. Multiple comfortable writing places for inspiration/separation

5. TV for nightly non-writing activities (“North & South” and the BBC “Pride & Prejudice” are on our list)

6. Dealine optional.