If you want it then put a ring on it

Happy Austrayaday, everyone. View image | gettyimages.com For those not from the southern hemisphere, Australia Day commemorates ‘the first landing’ of Europeans on Australian soil, which (given Dutch and Chinese ocean explorers had been popping by our coast for centuries longer) of course means the first official sovereignty to land. The British, specifically. Landed and […]

The longest minute

Two kids might have drowned yesterday…on my watch. I wanted to post this just to reinforce for everyone how true every single water-safety cliché we see on the TV actually is. View image | gettyimages.com But—first—everyone is okay and slept in their beds last night. Except me. I’m chugging on about 2 hours fitful sleep. […]

Weirdest Google search terms

“Is author Nikki Logan gay?” It seems I’m not the only one to enjoy checking out the phrases that people use to get to my site, this search query just in from a writer friend who found this amongst his own google search terms. Sadly (if they were hopeful, or if they were going to […]

ANZAC Day 2012

Both my grandfathers served during the war and, thankfully for my existence, both came home. Here’s a poem I wrote for Anzac Day and Rememberence Day…and for them. RIP Bill & Norm. War made men of boys and heroes of men and heroes of fathers who came home again but children have children and Glory gets old […]

Self-improvement (life-long learning)

So… Some friends of mine realised when they reached for their 4yo’s book on planes, trains and automobilesto answer a question about how much fuel a 747 could hold in its wings that maybe their world had become a little too closed in. They promptly enrolled in Philosophy 101 to broaden their horizons a wee bit. […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day at my house is a sparse sort of event. I just don’t buy into the idea that you should do something lovely for each other one day a year. I say do it every day of the year or don’t do it at all. However, that said, I have made a supreme effort […]

Where’s my jet pack?

2012… the ‘future’. I’m still waiting for the jet-pack I was promised by implication that we’d all be wearing in ‘the future’ back when I was 9 years old. But here we are–just days away from the future–and no jet-pack. No hover-craft. No waterless-showers or roast dinners that you make by putting a capsule in some kind […]